Laos Train Tickets
Laos Train Tickets
Booking train tickets for Laos-China railway
  • Travel easily among Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang by speed train in Laos

Make orders now, the e-tickets will be issued 3 days in advance, and sent to you immediately

Be warned: Swiss knife may be rejected by security check at train station!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the train travel popular in Laos?

Yes, the Laos-China railway is the first railway network in Laos and it’s becoming increasingly popular as it connects the major cities and towns like Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang and Boten.

How many days in advance the train tickets released?

3 days.

How to buy the train tickets?

A: Buy the train tickets at train stations or city ticket offices. Cash payment is accepted at train stations, and ticket offices do not accept cash or credit card.

B: Buy the train tickets on App, LCR tickets on Google Play. However the registration requires a Laos mobile phone number.

C: Buy tickets with us here.

Is it difficult to buy train tickets?

Yes. As it’s very popular, there’s always a long queue when buying train tickets at stations on spot. It’s very difficult if you buy train tickets on the day. It’s advised to buy the train tickets in advance to secure your seats.

What shall I prepare for buying tickets on your site?

Clear photo of the first page of your passport.

Are you the official LCR tickets website? And how much do you charge service fee?

No, we’re an agent to help you out and save your valuable time. The total payment is the ticket rate plus US$10 per ticket for service fee.

Is there any discount for children's tickets? 

Children under 1.2 meters accompanied by an adult is free if they do not occupy a seat. Child ticket (usually half price) is required if they occupy a seat.

Can I select a seat type in advance, e.g. window seat or isle seat?

Unfortunately not. The seats are randomly allocated by LCR. We're not able to guarantee the seat allocation.

Will the attendants double check the paper tickets?

Yes. Please keep your tickets well until getting out of the train station.

Which languages are available on board?

A multilingual service is available on board including Chinese, Lao, and English.

Are there any charing sockets on board?

Yes. There’s charing sockets under each seat. The charging points have both Chinese and Laos sockets.

Can disabled travel on train?

Yes. The speed trains (CXX/DXX) each have two special seats for disabled passengers with SOS call buttons. Passengers can press the button if they need anything. The ordinary trains (KXX) is not available for disabled.

Are there any food or drinks on board?

Yes, there’s a dinning carriage of each train, and you can buy some snacks and drinks here.

Are there any shops, restaurants or cafes at train stations?

No. There’re no shops, restaurants or cafes of any kind inside or outside the station. There’re  only a few vendors outside the stations. Vending machines are available at some stations. So please prepare your own food.

How much earlier do I have to be for check-in at train stations?

40 minutes prior to departure.

Can you book cross-border D888 train tickets to China?

Sorry! Cross-border D888 train tickets are not available at our service.

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